House Portraits

House Portraits

Would you like to commission me to create a pen and ink drawing of your home or favourite building? I am fascinated by architecture and the shapes it creates within landscape. The medium of ink captures the character of a building through line and wash.My first pen and ink house portraits were drawn and posted to Instagram during the first Lock-down in March 2020. The drawings received such an enthusiastic response,commissions followed from both the UK and Europe.

Your home can be anywhere in the world for me to draw. Just email me a few photos to work from.Once you’ve approved a pencil sketch, I ink it in,add a mount and post it to you.Within the UK, I aim to complete the commission within 2 weeks.

If you’d like me to draw your home or the home of a friend or relative,please contact me here.

Original signed Sarah Nelson house portraits start at £350 for an A4 pen and ink wash drawing.


Private House, Dungeness, Kent: Pen and ink on paper 32 x 26 cm


Logis de Canteau ,Paizay-le-Tort,France


Private apartment, Shadwell, London