Making artwork live at the Hawes Auction mart in North Yorkshire.

My artistic exploration at Hawes Auction Mart

At the intimate Hawes Auction Mart, I delve into the captivating world of Swaledale tups, expressing their unique character and the character of their breeders through my watercolours and drawings. Each artwork, drawn live during the auction tells a story of this unique, vibrant and charming world. Experience the traditional scenes of Hawes Auction Mart through the marks I make, the way I see it.

Hawes Auction Mart Artwork

We offer both original pieces and high-quality prints of the Hawes Auction Mart collection. You can choose the format that best suits your preference and budget.

The unique atmosphere and character of Hawes Auction Mart are central to each piece, with a focus on capturing the essence of Swaledale tups and the vibrant auction environment.

We provide various shipping options, including local pickup for those nearby. International shipping is also available. Please check the product page for detailed shipping information.