We attend the auction mart in Kirby Stephen, Cumbria and create artwork at the time.

Capturing the Essence of Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart

My canvas at Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart vibrates with the energy of rural auctions. Here, I focus on capturing the liveliness of Swaledale tups in motion. At Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart, my quick, bold strokes encapsulate the spirit and dynamism of the scene. My art is more than a physical portrayal; it’s an emotional journey through the heart of Kirkby Stephen, showcasing the energy and rhythm of life at the auction mart. Join me in experiencing this vibrant world through my art at Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart.”

FAQS about Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart Artwork

Yes, each artwork is inspired by real-life observations and experiences at Kirkby Stephen Auction Mart, capturing the dynamic essence of the auctions and the Swaledale tups.

All artworks come with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that you receive an original piece directly from Sarah Nelson’s collection.

Yes, we offer framing options. You can select your preferred frame style and material when placing your order.