I have create artwork while at the swaledale auctions mart in Middleton-in-Teesdale.

Charcoal observations from Middleton in Teesdale Auction Mart

Middleton in Teesdale Auction Mart is more than a location for me, it’s a source of inspiration. Drawing live, I capture the spirit of this local community and draw attention to this fascinating and important part of local life in the Dales. Through my rapid free mark making I try to capture the mood and energy of mart days, particularly the feeling of performance. The animal is looking out at us and we at it. Each piece is a story of a bond between man and livestock. I invite you to experience the unique atmosphere of Middleton in Teesdale Auction Mart through my drawing and painting.

Other Auction Mart Art Locations

FAQS about Middleton in Teesdale Auction Mart Artwork

Absolutely! Sarah welcomes commissions for custom pieces. You can contact us with your ideas, and we’ll work with you to create a unique artwork.

The artwork is inspired by the lively auction days and the community spirit at Middleton in Teesdale Auction Mart, with a focus on capturing the energy of the auctions and the beauty of the Swaledale tups.

Yes, we occasionally host local exhibitions and open studio days. Sign up for our newsletter or check our website for upcoming events.