Sketchbook Landscape

Sketchbook Landscapes

I usually keep a sketch book with me out walking so I can draw any immediate responses. Even if it’s just a line, that is what’s inspiring to me that day.

My focus will change as the seasons alter the landscape but I tend to draw the same parts of the reserve over and over again. I can’t help but return to the dyke. The swooping grassy path, shrubby silhouettes and a slash of water are irresistible.

Sarah’s use of line helped me see the landscape in a new and unique way”
Barry Yates, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Manager.

Our garden forms part of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve that, together with our dog, Jasper, I walk through year round in all weathers.

I love it most on wet days when the wind is howling and there aren’t many people about.

My drawing, painting and printmaking of this unique place reflects this as can be seen in the exclusion of people from the work. This isn’t a conscious choice, it’s just that for me landscape is about form and the natural highlights and line that exaggerate its feeling and character. This is what draws me to it and what I try to capture in my work.

The Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, 2020-21

RH At the Rye Harbour end of the Ridge,brush pen a-walk Between the pools on a wet afternoon,brush pen and rain water the-path IMG_7504-2 On Tony Pierce’s Farm,Rye Harbour, watercolour Rastrum-Wharf-2 I love an industrial or agricultural building,this is the back of Rastrums Wharf,watercolour IMG_8282-2 The swooping grassy path and dyke contained within its bramble borders, indian ink IMG_8305-2 Simple brush pen lines on some textured paper Correct-pixel-dyke-picture By the dyke ,my most returned to and favourite place on the reserve. Pen and ink and watercolour

North Yorkshire, Gayle and Hawes, May 2021

I was born in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear and used to holiday as a child with my grandparents in Romaldkirk, Co Durham. My parents now live in the same village and so this is the place I have the longest connection to, which, as I’ve got older, has come to have greater significance.

The drawings below were made during a stay in Gayle, North Yorkshire. I came to focus on the old stone field barns, nestled at the bottom of valleys, the dry stone walls wiggling down the hills to them in their maze like centre.

During this week I carried with me in a small ruck sack: a home made cardboard drawing board, a square moleskin sketch book (this folds out to perfect landscape proportions) a few HB pencils, some bull dog clips,a travel set of Windsor and Newton watercolours, a couple of brushes and a plastic pot.

IMG_8063-4 IMG_8067-3 My favourite drawing from the week in Gayle. IMG_8321-2 IMG_8326-2 Agricultural building at Gayle IMG_8327-2 Outside the Wensleydale Creamery IMG_8328-2 Outside the Wensleydale Creamery IMG_8329-2 Walk and draw IMG_8330-2 IMG_8331-3 A little bridge straddles the stream IMG_8332-2 By a stream IMG_E8046-2 Lines in a landscape created by the dry stone walls Enquire about my sketches