IMG_6325-2 IMG_6330-2 IMG_6332-2 Sarah-Nelson-RAG-Clouds-4-Monoprint-18-x-18-cm-ink-on-Hahnemuhle-paper 24 x 24cm Sarah-Nelson-RAG-Clouds-3-Monoprint-30-x-30-cm-ink-on-Hahnemuhle-paper Sarah-Nelson-RAG-Clouds-2-Monoprint-18-x-18-cm-ink-on-Hahnemuhle-paper Sarah-Nelson-RAG-Clouds-1-Monoprint-26-x-26-cm-ink-on-Hahnemuhle-paper IMG_6690-2

The process of printing adds an element of chance and brings an exciting, often unexpected quality to this unique type of print. I enjoy the physicality of actually pressing ink into paper, making a bold and permanent gesture in a changing world.

What is a monotype/monoprint?

Monotype or monoprint are similar. Each is a unique image, created by drawing or painting onto a smooth non-absorbent surface (the ‘plate’), placing that onto paper and winding through a press.

I experiment with different ways of applying water-based printing ink and watercolour onto acrylic sheet. I am conscious of each mark made but work intuitively with brushes, rags and flicking dilute paint. Peeling back the paper exposes the new image for the first time. The print is unique: it can’t be repeated as the ink has transferred to the paper.

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