Sketchbook Action

Sketchbook Action

I regularly paint and draw outside. Doing this provides a direct and unfiltered response to line, shape and colour. I value these outdoor sketches for their energy and liveliness. The mark making is bold and captures both mood and atmosphere. I haven’t given myself time to overwork or to be concerned that I haven’t created a literal representation.

I have come to really enjoy drawing action for the same reasons. In life drawing classes my favourite poses are the quick ones, a minute or two, you draw with energy and purpose and trust your instincts.

An artist friend happens also to be a sheep farmer and at shearing 2020 I was asked if Id like to come and draw while 1000 sheep were separated from their fleeces.

Sheep Shearing

I made in excess of 100 drawings of sheep shearing.Most took less than a minute as that is how long it takes an experienced shearer to clip a sheep. The act of shearing is like a dance, postures repeat. So I began anticipating the movement which better informed the drawing.

IMG_5968-3 IMG_5972-3 shear-1-3 shear-1-6 shear-2-3 shear-3-2 Shearing-3-4 Shearing1-3

The Tennis lesson

I love tennis, playing and watching it. These drawings were made on an idyllic summers morning during group coaching with Frances Candy at the Rye tennis club. Each drawing took seconds, much faster than the sheep shearing ones. It’s useful to consider how fast a pen or brush can make a mark. If you only have seconds to record an image you need something with a good flow, I’ve used markers and pencils but ink and brush give the most expressive evocative results.



IMG_7391-2 IMG_7394-2 IMG_7399-2 IMG_7400-2 IMG_7402-2 IMG_7404-2 IMG_7407-2 IMG_7415-2 Enquire about my sketches